While there are always going to be trends related to foliage, we’re seeing a lot of really cool, plants with insanely large foliage cropping up. “It started with Ficus lyrata a couple of years ago and helped propel Monstera deliciosa to its status as a houseplant super star,” says Hancock from The Spruce. “Now we’re seeing Strelitzia nicolai, Musa, and Thaumatophyllum as ‘It Plants.’” These plants are very interesting structurally — even more so than the classic monstera. “Extra-large leaves instantly add drama and presence to home décor and stand out on social media,” says Hancock.

Office Plants has seen an increase in our client’s requests to add these Big Bold Beautiful plants to their offices and they have made quite a statement.  Make a dramatic statement to your office by contacting Office Plants to provide these beauties.