Draceana cane plant varieties are a key plant for indoor landscaping. Office Plants by Everything Grows prefers Hawaiian grown dracaenas because they are the best and here is why:
Draceana Janet Craig Bush

Draceana Janet Craig Bush in Apartment Building Lobby

Dracaena growers in Hawaii start with their own local stock fields. The cane is topped in the field before being cut into the appropriate lengths. The topped cane is fresh and healthy and produces strong roots once potted.  The resulting specimens are vigorous, full and rich with color and aesthetic balance.
Draceana cane field in Hawaii

Draceana Cane Field in Hawaii

In contrast, California and Florida dracaena growers use imported bare cane from Costa Rica and the Caribbean. This cane must use its stored food reserves for the lengthy shipping process, as well as for the rooting and sprouting process. The result is that the cane sprouting is inconsistent, and the finished plant often looks thin and unbalanced.
Draceana Warnecki in Sitting Area

Draceana Warnecki in Sitting Area

For the growing medium, Hawaiian growers use cinder mixes made from various ratios of Canadian peat moss and volcanic cinder. The cinder is inert, decomposes very slowly, and has unique aeration and water holding properties. It is this quality of soil aeration that makes it possible for root systems to remain aerated and healthy even in low light conditions existing in many interior spaces.
Draceana Lisa Flanking Lobby Entrance

Stunningly Beautiful Hawaiian Draceana Lisa Flanking Lobby Entrance

Most dracaena growers on the mainland use soil mixes comprised of wood by-products, bark, sawdust and other fillers, which decompose quickly, thereby greatly reducing soil aeration and thus plant quality and longevity.
Draceana Pele Selected From Nursery

Draceana Pele with Yellow Variegation Fresh and Beautiful Directly from the Nursery

Finally, the Hawaiian Dracaenas that Office Plants by Everything Grows uses are acclimated to lower light conditions over time. This prepares the dracaenas for the artificial lighting conditions of the typical interior environment and ensures a long lasting, lush, and beautiful plant in our customer’s spaces.