Glow In The Dark Plants Could Act As Passive Lighting for Public Spaces

In this article written by Michael Irving and published on September 19th, 2021 in New Atlas, researchers at MIT are developing glow in the dark plants for the purpose of lighting up spaces at night.
Evidently, this most recent iteration improves on some work done earlier with a less effective nanoparticle that was infused through the pores of the leaves.
It is very interesting work and opens the door to lots of different applications. I can only imagine what interesting new products and technology with plants that we will be seeing in the next decade. Exciting stuff. See below for a link to the article. Enjoy.
“Creating ambient light with the renewable chemical energy of living plants is a bold idea,” says Sheila Kennedy, an author of the study. “It represents a fundamental shift in how we think about living plants and electrical energy for lighting.”
See below for a link to the article. Enjoy.