How to Choose Flowering Perennials that Bloom from Spring to Fall

Before you run out to your local garden center and buy flowering perennial plants, it’s important to figure out which ones will work in your garden beds. Do you have time for maintenance tasks? Some flowers require more care than others.

Pay attention to the amount of sun in your flower beds and what time of day the sun shines there. This will allow you to choose the right perennial plants based on how much sun or shade they need.

You also need to determine what plants will survive your winters. To figure this out, check the Hardiness Zones Map issued by the USDA. Look at the tags on the plants you are considering to ensure they are hardy enough for your zone.

Now think about how you will design your garden. Choose flowers that will bloom at different times and for various lengths of time to keep color all growing season long. Consider how close you wish to plant your perennial flowers.

Always follow distances recommended on plant tags so roots won’t compete for space and you won’t block air circulation needed by plants. The tallest perennial flowers should always go in back so they won’t shade the small perennial flowers.