Clear the air with the best air purifying office
plants.  Great for boosting productivity in the workspace and providing
psychological benefits of wellbeing by reducing stress.


  1. Susie (Sansevieria)
    is a great choice for office spaces as she puts up with low light
    levels and infrequent watering, all while purifying the air of nasty
    chemicals often abundant in indoor spaces.
  2. Mix up the heights of your plants to create a real visual statement. Rick (Dracaena fragrans) is a great option for this, as his tall, striking stature makes an impression without requiring a huge amount of attention.
  3. Big Ken (Howea forsteriana)
    is a firm favourite for his ability to transform a space with his
    large, arching fronds. He’s often a great choice for offices as he needs
    only filtered light.
  4. Robin (rubber plant)
    has beautiful glossy leaves of course, but he offers so much more.
    Chosen as one of NASA’s top air-purifiers, he’s a star at removing
    formaldehyde from the air.

  5. Howard (Aspidistra)
    is also known as the cast-iron plant thanks to his almost
    indestructible disposition. He can put up with a shady spot, less than
    frequent watering, and colder temperatures than most plants.

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