was an interesting article in the NY Times this week with lots of
pictures of interiorscapers doing “their thing” in empty office
buildings. This is happening around the country in countless office
buildings. Soon, some employees will return to many of these offices and
will appreciate the plants and the greenery that they bring. 

Here is a link to the article and some of the content.

The motion-sensing lights sense nothing. The swivel chairs do not
swivel. Only one sign of life remains in the abandoned corporate floor
plan: potted plants.

Intended as a note of vibrancy amid bland surroundings, workplace
greenery now seems an eerie symbol of the suddenness with which workers
abandoned their routines.

Yet the cactuses and philodendrons we left behind have not been
forgotten. During the pandemic, some have had their own essential
workers keeping them alive. So-called interior horticulturalists water –
and occasionally pet – the plants every few weeks, tending to a patch
of the American economy.