Here are some really creative and fun plant designs from the Royal Horticultural Society in their take over of RHS Garden Wisley. 

Excerpted from The Giant Houseplant Takeover

Step inside the Glasshouse at RHS Garden Wisley to discover a reimagined, abandoned Victorian house reclaimed by its plants – enjoy our spectacular Glasshouse display from 25 January until 1 March 2020.

In a clever twist on the use of houseplants, you can see a parlour palm reclining by the fireplace, playing chess with cacti and succulents, bromeliads lazing in the bedroom, carnivorous climbers munching their way through the kitchen and a giant staghorn fern taking a bath!  Here are some photos below:

A Staghorn Fern Taking a Bath

Cactus Masquerading as Cupcakes

The Bedroom Engulfed by Bromeliads
A Game of Chess Between Monsteras
Kitchen Taken Over by Carnivorous Plants

Elegant Dinner with Friends

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