We came across a great article in the A Charming
Project blog on how to create a coffee pot terrarium. You can read the
full article by clicking on this link. 
If you want to skip to the good part, here are the directions We copied from the blog.  
  1. Mini coffee pot
  2. Mini air plants ( We used Ionantha Fuego and a green Tilandsia)
  3. White sand
  4. Moss (bright works best)
  5. River rocks/aquarium rocks
  6. Decorations (gemstones, shells, or miniatures – it’s up to you!)
Here’s how it is made:
your container with about an inch of sand. Then scatter some river
rocks over the sand. Next place the moss over the rocks in the back working from
from back to front. We placed the plants both in front to get the best view, with the gemstones between them.
Serve with a cup of coffee and a splash of milk 😉
Here is a terrarium created by Everything Grows.  It is hand blown glass set on burled wood and tillandsia air plants resting on gem stones.  It is very easy to maintain and has a great look.  
 Are you looking for unique terrariums or beautiful live plants for your workspace?  Contact Everything Grows today for assistance.