Dracaenas are a family of cane plants that come in a wide variety and have great utility for indoor plants.  They are used to being under the tropical forest canopy and do not need a lot of light the thrive.  Everything Grows Interior Landscaping places many of them in work space throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and they really add a pop of lush green color to indoor space.

are some photos of popular varieties of Dracaenas.  If you see any you
like and have to have one for your work space — call and let us know!

Draceana Compacta (Above)
Draceana Massangeana (Above)

Draceana Lisa (Above)

Draceana Marginata (Above)
Draceana Warneckii (Above)

Are you in need of lush living plants to enhance your work space? Everything Grows Interior Landscaping provides indoor plant service, sales and long term rentals throughout the entire San Francisco Bay Area. We offer complimentary site visits and can accommodate almost any budget. Contact us today and one of our designers will be happy to assist you!