Here at Everything Grows we offer a plethora of different plants including a wide variety of succulents which are very popular right now.


Here we see them waiting to be taken to their new homes.
Here we see an extra happy succulent that has sprouted babies all around! 

There is often a “gotta catch them all” mentality surrounding succulents, and for good reason too. Compared to many plants they are durable, easy to take care of, and can go in all sorts of arrangements. They are also fun and relatively easy to propagate so it is easy to collect them all! 

Ever wonder how to propagate succulents?
Start by taking the petals off of the stem
Place them in dirt or on top and allow them to dry out to let the tear from taking them off heal.
The petals will dry and wilt, but, roots and baby petals will start to appear in a few weeks. It will take longer with less light so make sure they get plenty!

If you have a left over stump from taking petals, leave it alone with light and water and more succulents will appear from where the petals were taken!

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