Tillandsia air plants pull moisture out of the air to survive.  They are great in terrariums and bowls like the one pictured below which we recently installed for a customer located in Pleasanton, CA.  In humid areas, tillandsias do fine on their own, but in the San Francisco Bay Area and indoor office environments, they will need an occasional spritz of water to survive.

Hand blown glass bowl with rock and air plants

This arrangement is a variety of tillandsias placed on a bed of pebbles.  The vase is hand blown glass molded over a piece of burled wood.  The vase rests freely on the wood and you can see burn marks on the wood where the glass blower pressed the glass against it to mold the glass around the wood.    

Everything Grows has all kinds of custom containers so if you would like something unique for your office space contact us and  we would happy to provide a no cost design consultation.