Aspidistras are called the cast-iron plant
because they can tolerate poor growing conditions such as weak light
and low temperatures which would kill many other interior plants.

 It is an old-fashioned tough interior plant. In
fact the Aspidistra was a favorite indoor plant during the
Victorian era when houses were anything but bright and airy. Today, in
the warmer climate of the Southern United States, you will find Aspidistra usually growing
completely carefree as a ground cover in dense, dark shade.

takes considerable time to grow an Aspidistra to specimen size.
Ironically, it is not always available in
nurseries. This is partly because of its slow growth and not being properly
Aspidistras is usually grown in 6″, 8″; and 10″ pots. As a bushy potted plant 12 to 24 inches tall and wide the
Aspidistra is a perfect plant for indoors.
Aspidistra is an ideal plant for that cooler area of your work space to bring
the tropics indoors.
Aspidistra tolerates:
– dust as well as heat, cold, wet soil, drought, neglect and dimly lighted places.
– temperatures as low as 28 degrees without injury to the foliage.
– low light levels.

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