Shade House Damaged by Irma

Everything Grows gets its beautiful indoor plants from California, Hawaii, and Florida. 

Hurricane Irma impacted many of the nurseries in Florida – some have major
damage, others very little.  

Overall, the damage
was less than was expected because of the western path that Irma took as
it crossed into Florida. If the “eye” had veered more towards Miami and
then hugged the Eastern coast of Florida, the damage would have been
much more significant.

Toppled Shade Houses 

Nevertheless, most
of the nurseries do not have power and are working
overtime to clean up fallen plants. They are also busy making repairs to
their shade cloth structures so that their plants that they did save
are not damaged by direct exposure to the sun. It is really a race
against time at this moment. 
More Extensive Damage 

Going forward, we
anticipate that Florida supply will be under pressure the rest
of the year and into next year as some nurseries rebuild and start new stock. We may see shortages and/or price increases in some plant varieties.   Meanwhile, We will do everything we can to assure the best plants available for our indoor plant customers.

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