For many, the holiday season starts in November, but for the Everything Grows Holiday crew, planning for holiday decorations starts in the spring for the following season.  They attend the holiday trade shows to see the newest decor trends and stock up for the upcoming season.  Planning, design, and agreements for customer decorations begins in March, and most of our customers are already signed up by July or August.  Building starts in September, and installations begin in Mid November.  Here are some photos from the Everything Grows holiday decor warehouse that is full and ready for installation:

 Jobs ready to go (above)
 Gorgeous ornaments sourced from suppliers at the big holiday trade shows
 Mini test trees to get the decoration color palette just right
 Custom garlands getting assembled

Contact Everything Grows for your commercial indoor plant care and holiday decoration needs.  Note that Everything Grows provides Holiday Decor for existing plant service customers only. Happy Holidays!