Moss walls are hot right now. If you haven’t considered them, you really should. They are super easy to make
and the look really cool.

Along with being able to survive in an area with no natural light, here are a few of the many qualities of moss walls;
  • Fully sustainable and ecological
  • Improves acoustics
  • No maintenance required
  • Smells fresh and green
  • Won’t discolour (out of direct sunlight)
  • Fire retardant
  • Does not attract bugs 
people are creating moss walls using a single type of reindeer moss
attached to a backing like this one by Office Landscapes in the UK.
Others like Artisan Moss are layering moss of different types to create free-flowing, interesting designs.
This moss graffiti design by the artist Jennifer Ilet for the Artist Project Toronto 2014.
The options are limitless, which makes it all the more interesting.


Designers and Facilities Managers — are you ready to enhance your workspace with a moss wall or living wall? Let Everything Grows provide you complimentary quote on a custom installation perfectly suited for your space. Contact us today and one of our designers will be happy to assist you!