Five Ways Indoor Plants Will Change Your Life

an indoor area is sometimes just as simple as adding a plant or two to
the space. In addition to adding life and a pop of color to an area,
they also offer many health benefits to those around them.

Here are the top Five ways indoor plants can improve your life:

  1. Indoor plants put a smile on your face. – House and
    indoor plants are known to contribute to a feeling of comfort and well-being, making people feel more optimistic and calmer. Recent studies
    have shown that patients who are placed in a hospital room that is
    facing the outdoors or a garden often recovery more rapidly than those
    facing a wall.
  2. They purify and clean the air. – Countless studies
    performed by esteemed research establishments, such as NASA, have proved
    that plants can help eliminate potentially harmful volatile organic
    compounds (or VOCs), carbon dioxide, benzene, formaldehyde, and other
    dangerous gasses from indoor air. Many of these chemicals and compounds
    have been linked to headaches, nausea, respiratory problems, and may
    other issues.
  3. Plants can improve your sleep. – Studies have shown
    that the vapors from some plants, especially lavender and jasmine, may
    lead to a more restful sleep. Keeping one of these plants by the bed or
    on a night stand may help calm some people move into a state of
    tranquility and help prepare the body for a good night’s sleep.
  4. They can help improve focus. – Placing a plant on a
    desk or in a home office has been known to increase focus and
    productivity, allowing people to accomplish more with less stress. The
    Journal of Environmental Horticulture recently published a study that
    reported that plants are able to help employees and workers complete
    tasks more efficiently and with more focus.
  5. Indoor plants look great. – Sometimes decorations
    for a home or office just do not feel complete without a plant. Hanging
    planters are great additions to many different areas, while planters on
    stands make the most out of awkward corner area. Trailing plants
    looks amazing as a cascading addition to the tops of cabinets and
    bookcases. Plant walls are another great way to add plants to an area
    that is lacking in space.

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