We all love the look of the Poinsettia plant. In the holiday season, these plants can be found everywhere in the US and elsewhere and are instantly recognized as a symbol of the season.

Whether by themselves or clustered together in groups, poinsettias add a little something extra to a holiday display.

Practically speaking, these lovely, evocative plants can be challenging to care for in an office or commercial environment and are fragile to handle in any situation. 

When the situation merits it, Everything Grows uses permanent botanical poinsettias to accent our holiday decor. They are infinitely more durable, look great and are not subject to weather, mechanical damage or any of the other cruel fates that would surely destroy a live plant. 

In the photograph accompanying this post you’ll see 3 of these permanent botanical poinsettias on a tabletop lunch counter in a cafeteria. The area is used constantly throughout the day for food preparation which precludes using live plants. 

We think you’ll agree that these are an attractive option to live plants!