“If you live in the Northeastern US, and you walk in the woods on spring mornings, you’re likely to see a skunk cabbage. Indeed, you might see a skunk cabbage growing while the snow is still on the ground. What you may not notice, unless you look closely, is that the snow around the skunk cabbage has melted. It’s not a spectacular sight, but around all of the skunk cabbages you see, there will be a small hole in the snow.

What’s happening here? Is the sun warming the darker plants and melting the snow? No. Actually, the phenomenon you’re seeing is called thermogenesis, and it’s a normal ability of the plant. Or to put it another way, the eastern skunk cabbage is warm-blooded. Its ability to generate heat enables it to grow and flower while the snow is still on the ground – even though the plant is not frost-resistant. The frost will never touch it.”  Read more…

At Everything Grows, we work with indoor tropical plants that have to stay warm to live.  If our plants get anywhere near snow like the skunk cabbage pictured above, their fate would be much less photogenic.

Selecting the right plants for your office environment is our specialty. Contact us today for a complimentary site visit and design consultation.  Barring snow on the floors of your offices, we’ll be able to come up with an interior landscape that will meet most every budget!