We love orchids!

Orchids are a major focal point in our designs here at Everything Grows.  When placed appropriately, they set the tone of the interior landscape design.

A well-maintained, vibrant orchid is an instant, non-verbal statement that relays success, good taste, design savvy choices as well as a delicate display of beauty and elegance.

Orchids come in many varieties, shapes, sizes and colors.  We find that the Phalaenopsis, also called a ‘Moth Orchid’ for the shape of its blossoms, provides a great ‘Wow’ factor along with a blooming cycle that can last from 4 weeks to several months!

Everything Grows provides, maintains and rotates fresh orchids and lush, tropical foliage to hundreds of businesses throughout Northern California and all along the West Coast.  Contact us today for a complimentary design consultation and let us help you make your design vision a reality.