At Everything Grows, we are all about providing and maintaining beautiful, lush tropical plants to our clients.

That simple statement covers a lot of ground – from sales to logistics to fulfillment to customer service and ongoing maintenance.

It is both enjoyable and valuable to all of us to step back and see the plants that we work with every day as one of our clients would see them.  Keeping that fresh perspective ensures that we can continue to relay the excitement we feel about what we do in our daily work.

In Northern California, we are fortunate enough to have a variety of retail spaces that are dedicated to the recreational aspect of gardening and plant care for plant care’s sake.  Visiting these shops, we are no longer working with plants but rather are getting to see them with fresh eyes.

Being able to see these vibrant foliage plants, blooming orchids, delicate succulents, cacti, tillandsia and other air plants in a setting where we can just stand and appreciate them keeps us excited about what we do and is a great way to recharge our batteries.


Everything Grows offers full service design, installation and – most importantly – ongoing plant maintenance service to fit nearly any budget.  Contact us today with your project and let us help you make your vision a reality!