UC Davis has a great web site listing safe and poisonous indoor and outdoor plants.  It is fascinating to find many common foods such as cherries, almonds, apples, and  pineapples on the list.  For cherries and apples it is the seeds that have traces of cyanide in them, unripened pineapples have the enzyme bromelain in them that can cause vomiting.

Almonds are extremely poisonous if not introduced to some sort of heat source. It is generally the bitter almonds that need to be treated to get rid of the poison. The seeds are full of cyanide, and in many countries are illegal to sell without having been processed in order to get rid of the poison within the seed.

At Everything Grows we are careful to avoid the use of high toxicity indoor plants in places where children or pets might get to them.   Below is a plant from the Dracaena family that is on the safe plant list.  It is one of our go to plants that we place on many jobs.