Team Everything Grows is doing the happy dance. Why? Because you rated our overall
service as 9.4/10 on our recent customer satisfaction survey.

A big thank you to the many customers who gave us their valuable feedback.
We work hard to improve our service, quality, and response time.  Customer feedback is a huge part of how
we continue to improve.

Here are some of the comments we received: 

  • I love watching your crew come in and take care of the plants, they appear to know exactly how to care for our buildings plants.

  • Our technician is always kind, observant and accommodating.

  • Denise is very quiet, almost “stealth” and efficient.

  • Gary is great! He is always really concerned for our plants and does an awesome job at maintaining them. If he feels like one needs an extra day of care, he is always willing to make a second stop during the week. He is super considerate and makes sure to contact me if he plans any drop-ins.

  • Susan does a great job with our plants and is very personable and professional!

If you weren’t able to answer this year’s survey, you’ll have a chance again.

Customer input has a direct impact on our standards, and we take them very seriously. When you see our
survey in the future, please let us know your thoughts.