Everything Grows was delighted to assist in the interior décor phase of this construction project by providing these striking tropical plants to accentuate the grand entrance to the facility.  

Dracaena Warneckii provide a slender, gentle profile with a pale, blue-green and white variegated leaf.  These specimens were chosen for their seven feet of height to help retain the grand scale of the high ceilings in their palatial surroundings:

A side seating area directly off the entrance foyer features a tabletop arrangement with a vibrant bromeliad and a soft, beautiful lipstick plant.  The combination of the concrete container, the bromeliad’s scarlet bloom and the flowing green foliage of the lipstick plant creates a striking contrast.  The choice of an oversized container helps this arrangement retain its place in the grand entrance:

Some of our favorites: These Ficus Lyrata Standard plants flank a sun-filled window and bathe in diffused natural light under a massive skylight in a common seating area.  Ficus Lyrata are fast growing and love bright, diffused light as seen here:

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