Live air plants are all the rage at Everything Grows. Available year round but a great add with spring coming, these easy to care for plants will be the cherry on the cake to your office, business or reception area. Air Plants or Tillandsias come from the Bromeliad family of tropical flowering plants which is also kin to the Pineapple! Bursting with color and life they come in different shapes and sizes. Native to forests, mountains and deserts these beauties can adapt to almost any climate but need good lighting and some humidity and stay nurtured. 
 Air Plants are great plants for visual effect but also easy to care for. They do not need to be planted in soil, and a spritz or two of water per week keep it moist and healthy. Typically seen in a hanging bubble type glass, Tillandsia’s are also great mounted or sitting as the perfect desk accessory. Like any plant, these little power houses can clean 90% of the toxins in the air around you leaving your environment clean and fresh.