Before the winter bug gets you, here are some beautiful interior plants that add a vibrant splash of autumn color to brighten up the onset of dark evenings and your Thanksgiving festivities! 

Crotron Petra – An exotic looking plant that is sure to be an attention grabber with it’s array of yellow, green, copper, red, pink, orange, brown, and ivory leaves.


Bromeliad – Blooming in a variety of colors, this plant is the perfect addition to everyday interior  landscape or as an addition to any holiday decor. 
Croton Picasso’s Paintbrush – A striking accent plant with a mix of yellow, bronze, green, and burgundy foilage. 
Chlorophytum orchidastrum “Fire Flash” – Fairly new to the plant world, this unusual plant with it’s glossy green leaves atop the glowing orange hued stems is becoming quite popular.