Tillandsia plant is a fascinating species. Unlike many other plants the air
plant can grow without the use of soil. They attach themselves to surfaces with their roots and receive their nutrients
and moisture in the air around them from structures on their leaves. 


is still required for a happy plant. Proper placement is crucial. They need protection
from full sun and need to be in an area where the air circulates well. A daily spray of mist is needed during late spring to mid-fall. During the winter months the spray of mist can be reduced to once or twice a week. It is very important that your plant is able to completely dry out once it has been watered. They don’t like to stay wet. 

There are so many clever ways Tillandsia plants can be displayed. When using a surface that they can’t attach their roots to, you can help them out. As crazy as it sounds, you can use fishing line, wire, waterproof glue, staples or pins to hold them in place. Just make sure you only use staples or pins on the roots, otherwise they could be harmed. 


These plants are totally unique!