When you walk into a workplace with a beautifully designed
interior, the stunning plants are one of the first items to catch your eye,
instantly making the area warm and inviting. Did you know those beautiful
plants are adding a lot more to the company than just good looks? Ornamental
plants help provide clean air by removing several key pollutants associated
with indoor air pollution. Plants reduce noise levels and add a calming
influence to their surroundings. This creates a positive work environment for
employees, increasing concentration ability for the task at hand. When working in natural setting
environments, people experience increased vigor. Their performance levels are
increased by this enriched state of mind. They put more of themselves and their energy into their work, are likely
to do it at a higher quality, and complete it with a much higher accuracy
rate.  It has been shown that having
ornamental plants within your sight can increase memory retention up to twenty
percent! The addition of flowers in the office setting add aesthetic beauty and is soothing. This lowers stress and anxiety levels. As a result the workplace atmosphere is more
relaxed. To sum it up interior plants make
employees happy and when employees are happy, the companies they work for thrive!

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