Cymbidium orchids


  • Cymbidiums need high light, but direct light could burn the plant.
  • If
    the foliage on the plant is dark green and limp, it is an indication
    the plant needs more light. Ideally, the foliage should be a medium
    green to yellowish green color.  
  • Cymbidums need bright light, but cool temperatures, especially to promote blooming.
  • Cymbidiums prefer night time temperatures between 50-60°F and 75-85°F during the day. 
  • In winter months, the ideal temperatures are 45-55°F at night and 65-75°F during the days.  
  • It is very important that temperatures are consistent during blooming to prevent bud drop.  
  • Cymbidiums
    need to be watered consistently during the spring and summer months.
    During the winter months watering should be reduced. 
  • The
    best way to water cymbidiums is to remove them from their decorative
    pots and flush them with water for 1 to 2 minutes under a faucet. If
    that is not possible, you can also place 5 or so ice cubes on the bark
    once a week. 
  • During the summer months the ideal humidity level is 70% humidity. In winter 40-60% humidity is adequate. 
  • It is important to keep air circulating around the plant to prevent fungus.   
  • During the growing season cymbidiums need a fertilizer than is high in nitrogen like 30-10-10 or a ratio that is similar. 

In winter, it is recommended to fertilize once per month, but only after watering to avoid burning.