Rhapis Palms are one of the more exotic and beautiful plants that we place indoors.  They need good light, and a lot of water and nutrients to thrive.  They are one of more expensive plants to place, in part because they take so long to grow.  A 5 foot tall Rhapis palm takes about 5 years to grow.

Below is the growth cycle of the Rhapis Palm  
production of Rhapis begins with seeds that once germinated are grown for the first
year under partial shade:

The plants are then brought outside to develop further:

a year of being outside in full sun, the plants are transplanted into
2 gallon grow pots and brought back into the greenhouse to finish under
partial shade:

Once the plants reach a certain height and density, they are sold as a 2 gallon Rhapis or potted into a 5 gallon grow pot to grow on further:



once the plants reach a certain height and density, they are sold as 5
gallon Rhapis or potted up to 7 gallon and grown on. This process of growing on
continues from 7gal to 10gal to 15gal to 20gal. Eventually, you arrive a
beauties like these:


Rhapis are fairly slow growing plants. The
rule of thumb is that Rhapis grow about 1 ft per year, which I why they
are one of the more expensive plants in the industry. However, their
flexibility and longevity make them worth the wait.